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Fun Siew Leng

Chief Urban Designer | Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) (Singapore)


As Chief Urban Designer at the Urban Redevelopment Authority, I oversee all urban design work for the Central Area of Singapore which comprises areas like Marina Bay, Singapore River and Orchard Road. My work outside of The Central Area includes areas like Jurong Lake District, the Western Business District and Punggol Digital District. I believe that while urban design is to give structure and form to the city, equally important is its role in shaping the public realm between buildings to become attractive public spaces to support civic and community life. Urban design is about designing the city in context with its history, culture, climatic and environmental conditions and socio-economic aspirations. I am a strong proponent of architecture and urban design excellence because I believe well-designed buildings and public spaces of today will be the built heritage of tomorrow and the built legacy for future generations. My work also involves working in collaboration with the private sector building owners and professionals to deliver good designs through peer reviews for strategic projects.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is tasked with the responsibility of implementing innovative planning and land optimization strategies that will meet Singapore’s diverse needs. To maintain a highly liveable environment, these strategies take into consideration urban design principles, such as creating vibrant public spaces, promoting mixed-use development, comfortable and convenient connectivity and introducing high-rise greenery. URA’s efforts at seeding good architecture and urban design are primarily done through Singapore’s Government Land Sales programme. Urban design guidelines are incorporated into the land tender conditions. For strategic sites, URA adopts the Concept and Price tender method, which allows it to consider the quality of design and concept, in addition to the land price. These approaches are applied in future key growth areas such as Jurong Lake District and Marina South.


Jurong Lake District

Jurong Lake District (JLD) will be the largest business district outside of the central area. A new 120-hectare precinct will connect seamlessly to the existing commercial centre and MRT station via elevated pedestrian linkages and lushly planted streets. It will have a mix of offices, housing and amenities in a car-lite and park setting. With more flexibility in zoning, land tenure and phasing compared to other districts, companies can experiment with new development concepts and innovative ways to integrate live, work and play. At JLD, residents and businesses will collectively shape a sustainable future through shared goals, higher standards and ready technology. The district acts as a “living lab” and regulatory sandbox, providing opportunities to pilot new urban solutions and refine sustainability-centric initiatives.

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